M/G (Minimal Gluten) Caramel Meringue


All the flavour of our gorgeous and gooey Caramel Meringue but gluten free.
Size: 21cm x 31cm
16+ Servings

Extra Product Information

This product is made in a kitchen where gluten products are used and therefore may contain traces of wheat or gluten.



G/F Caramel Meringue: Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Ground Almonds, Golden Syrup, Condensed Milk, Cornflour, Vanilla.

We eat different bakery products with our meals every day. Bread is a vital part of every meal. Sweet cookies and biscuits make brunches and teas more enjoyable. Everyone loves a delicious pastry after dinner. Even elders can easily eat these products since they are soft in taste.

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