Afghan Biscuit


Kiwi favourite made with cornflakes and cocoa, featuring a chocolate icing and walnut topping. Individually wrapped.



Afghan Biscuit: Flour, Butter, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Cornflakes, Chocolate, Walnut.


Every time you are hungry, Afghan Biscuit are a convenient breakfast or snack item. Open a pack of biscuits and munch on those delicious hard breads. You can eat them while walking to school or working. If we are unable to eat a full meal, they are an excellent alternative.

When you were a kid, nothing tasted as good as dipping biscuits in hot tea and eating them or separating two cream biscuits and eating the cream. That is the wonder of biscuits. We can never get tired of eating them since there are so many varieties. They can be referred to as bread or soft cakes and can be raised with baking powder or soda. Biscuits come in an endless variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes. People of all ages enjoy eating them as they can be purchased almost anywhere and even baked at home.

Afghan Biscuit

Biscuits’ name is believed to come from the Middle French words biscuit, which means twice, and conquer, which means to cook. They are called “to cook twice” because they must first be baked and then dried in ovens. In most countries, the term biscuit refers to soft bread products that are only baked once, except the United States. As well as keeping you from feeling hungry at work or school, biscuits keep you from feeling hungry on long journeys. Because they contain starch, they keep the consumer from going hungry. As young army men go into the jungles here in Singapore, they rely on biscuits for starch and nutrients.

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