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Brioches muffins are a cross between a cake and a quick bread.

Self-rising flour, or flour and baking powder are used to lift the muffin and make it light. As opposed to yeast which is found in bread and doughnuts.

Breads normally use yeast which takes a fair amount of time to ‘prove’ or grow before baking. Yeast is also sensitive to salt which retards its growth.

Brioches muffins, American ‘biscuits’ and scones are known as quick breads because they can be mixed and cooked immediately. The baking powder acts as the raising agent even with the presence of salt.

Muffins consist of a fairly constant ratio by weight of Flour, liquid, egg and butter.

So, you want to have your brioches muffins and eat it too? What you need to do is that you need to check out some great healthy cake recipes that are out there and find the ones that you think are going to make it the best for you. People shift to eating better and better.  You will find that they are going to be able to start eating more cake when they look for these great recipes that are out there and find out how great they taste.

Use the Internet

A great place to find all of the best healthy cake recipes is to check out what you can find online. The internet is a really easy way to find great recipes and you can type in a search what you are looking for. And you get what you need and everything is good to go.

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