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The Little Cake Kitchen produces a superb range of artisan hand baked food including brioche, cakes, slices, pies and so much more.

We use only the finest quality ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives which guarantees our food is as good and wholesome as your mother would make… if she was a really great baker!

Call us today on 09 356 3668 or email us via the contact page.


Weekends and holidays spent in the heart of Leeds at his Grandma Nellies bakery left a lasting impression on owner, Paul Smith, whose life-long passion for food and a career in art and design culminated in the purchase of The Little Cake Kitchen.

While the large coal fired, flour dusted ovens of his childhood no longer dominate the kitchen over which he presides, the speciality classics and comforting aromas of freshly baked goods certainly do. A fondness for traditions handed down by his Grandma and Mother are evident in The Little Cake Kitchen fare, while the influence of design and modernity characterise the more contemporary culinary temptations.

Paul combines the nostalgic recipes of his childhood with the kiwi cuisine of his adopted New Zealand to produce The Little Cake Kitchen favourites while indulging his passion for innovation to enhance the popular repertoire.